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New Study Reveals :

The Science Behind Why Men Choose Particular Women
(And constantly reject or neglect others).

All her life, Tanya had been told she was “fantastic “, “A great catch “, “gorgeous “, and “total sweetheart material” by the men she’d had relationships with …

But all their reassuring words just made her feel stupid .

Because the cold truth is :.

No matter how much of a catch they SAID she was, they still weren’t CHOOSING to build a long-term relationship with her.

Which indicated those guys were all either not telling the truth , or there was something else she was doing wrong : something so undesirable that they just couldn’t bring themselves to stay with her.

“It made me really feel unworthy ” she explained . “Why am I just not sufficient for the men I feel a connection with ?”.

“All I want is for someone to choose me”.

This problem of what makes a person imagine a future with a particular type of woman while overlooking others has plagued women for as long as men and women have been getting together .

Fortunately, science might finally have an answer to this question .

According to new research findings released in the scientific journal, “Archives of Sexual Behavior”*, men do not select women based on “rational reasons”.

As relationship coach Clayton Max told us, “It’s not about ticking all the boxes on a man’s list of a ‘perfect girl ‘. A woman can not persuade a man to want to be with her”.

As a matter of fact , Max says , when a woman attempts to convince a man , put pressure on him , or show him just how amazing she is, it’s more than likely to backfire, because these behaviors actually are the reverse of what makes a man absolutely sure she is it for him.

“The reality is” according to Max, “The choice for guys comes down to one thing and one thing only :.

They are drawn to women who can make them feel the powerful emotion of INFATUATION”.

Psychologists have actually found that infatuation comes from a subconscious drive deep within the brain …

When his infatuation response is switched ON , it doesn’t matter if she has the characteristics that he wanted .

A woman could be entirely wrong for him, but he’ll make time for her. He’ll move mountains for her . He’ll do what it takes to be with her .

Because the Infatuation Instinct essentially forces him to ignore everything else except for wanting to be with her .

So exactly how does a woman activate his Infatuation Instinct … to make him so overwhelmed with desire for her he’s ready to do absolutely anything to show her just how much he wants her?

Check out the In-depth Video to found out now .

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