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When we first found Coronavirus had made here to the United States a email was sent out from Morgan Hurst who created Leptitox weight loss and health supplements that is still true today.

If you are counting on your government to shield you from the deadly coronavirus, I have a message for you.

Don’t be silly, they won’t know how to even if they tried. Leaked private meetings in between United States health officials tell us they are in a panic. Not only do they not know what to do or exactly how many people are infected. Reports from the United States range from one number to the next all the time. The officials are at a loss but you don’t have to be. But their is one thing you can do to help keep yourself safe.

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One thing you can do and I don’t mean wear a mask! ( they can’t protect you if a droplet gets in your eyes.)

Smallpox killed 300 million people and had a lower mortality rate than coronavirus. That’s the entire population of the United States and the coronavirus has played out close to the same pattern according to some health officials. Once one member of your family gets it you won’t be able to help them because they could spread it to you and you will pass it on, so you could not take care of them or even see them. It would not be safe to hold your own sick child.

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Leptitox is not just Diet Pills that are great for weight loss. It is a health supplement that is good for your immune system, energy levels, and it is full of organic and all natural minerals and vitamins it is also approved by the FDA.

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