Sell The Dream has changed multiple times to become what it is today. I started trying to follow as many rules as possible ( That are set by other people) . I picked one niche and sold that one one product but I made no money.

I then changed to picking multiple things in the same niche. I still made no money. So I then changed to selling multiple product’s I just picked what I liked and stuck it online on any site I could to try to sell whatever I could. I still made no money or very little.

So Once again I spent many month’s and many dollars learning from all the Guru’s some are real good at what they do and some are scammers that take all your money. I have bought many programs, watched a lot of videos, and read many articles.

After all this I realized I have been doing this all wrong I need to pick a niche and do my own landing pages for each one and I can still mix up my product’s I just need to be able to market them together. So I started with Diet supplement’s bc that is something I know about and I have done a lot of research on, I have survival product’s along with Trump 2020 and Self Help, Relationship and Financial Product’s.

The most important lesson I learned is people everywhere are always looking for a way to make money from home or work remotely. People just want a way to make extra income so if you learn the right way to do it you can make money just by Selling The Dream of being rich. I do not mean run a scam but if people would really look at the numbers they would see if we sold the systems that work great but if you buy a scam yes it sucks but instead of spending hours complaining about being scammed just pick any other system online and sell it because Selling The Dream is the biggest niche in the world. You can find all my product’s and pages