1. Are potato, corn, beans, and green peas good for one’s daily vegetable count?

Potato’s , corn, beans, and green peas are all healthy starches. You need to make sure you include a starch in your meal plans or you will be hungry, this is the food group that fills you up fast. Don’t forget you will need a supplement for B12 and vitamin D along with other essential vitamin’s and mineral’s anytime you are using a diet plan that limits your intake of calories. All three of the Health and Diet supplement’s Sell The Dream offer’s are a great way to replace the vitamin’s and mineral’s you are missing from your diet.

2. If I eat well and sleep for 7-8 hrs every night why am I still tired during the day?

You need to be hydrating well also. Eating good is great but you need to drink plenty of healthy fluids like water, zero calorie drinks, unsweet drinks and black coffee.

3. Will cutting out rice from my diet help me lose weight?

The calories is what needs to be cut so omitting rice may not be the only way to cut calories cooked rice has 100 calories in about 1/3 cup of cooked rice. You may want to meet with your Doctor or Nutritionist about ways you can cut more calories in your diet.

4. Why should one eat every 2-3 hours even if not hungry?

The amount of calories you take in is based on the amount of activity you are doing that day. It is never a good idea to skip a meal. If you are going to be sitting at your desk all day not doing much activity you will want to eat smaller meals, the longer you go in between meals may cause hyperacidity.

5. Why do we have to eat banana, chikoo and mango in moderation?

We have to eat banana’s, chikoo, and moderation due to it’s high carbohydrate content. These foods are not good for people who are trying to lose weight or for diabetic’s. You should not cut out these food’s completely due to other healthy vitamins that you need in moderation.

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